Certified Nursing Assistant Programs
Certified Nursing Assistant Programs
Certified Nursing Assistant Programs

Complete the Certified Nurse Assistant Program from one of the best Nursing Colleges in California.

Many fascinating employment prospects in the healthcare sector are available in the rapidly expanding profession of the certified nursing assistant. Even better, you may complete the CNA certification online in California in as little as six weeks. We are also one of the few colleges that offer scholarships for our certified nursing assistant course.

Become eligible to take the California Department of Health Services' test for certified nurse assistant certification. We will mentor you throughout your educational process and use our career service placement to assist you to achieve your desired job.

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Why choose Clement Career College for the certified nursing assistant course?

Expert-driven CNA certification training that will craft your skills to become an industry certified nursing assistant. Our goal is to stay committed to achieving unwavering success in conducting CNA training program and ensuring candidates a great career in specialized technical and non-technical fields of study with an emphasis on allied health care careers.

Intensive real-world training

Intensive real-world training

Get trained in our labs and become a California certified nurse assistant.

Experienced Faculty

Experienced faculty

Our world-class faculties are unparalleled when it comes to nurse assistant training.

Career placement assistance

We assist you to become a nurse assistant once you complete graduation.

Our vision that keeps up our pride

Our vision that keeps up our pride

We continue on long-standing traditions and rich history of being a college that provides nursing programs in California.

CNA Program Overview

With plenty of nursing education programs to pick from, it is critical that candidates select a program that is approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). CNA Colleges, Health care institutions, and CNA training institutions offer such programs. But choosing the right one is the challenge. Have a look at our unique certified nurse assistant training and program.


Flexible timings

Focused on working individuals, they can opt for
morning or evening classes according to their availability.


Detailed CNA Training Program

Elaborate course structure that covers both
theory and practical sessions.


Comprehensive Knowledge Induction

We ensure you are trained and graduated
as the best, through our in-depth certified nurse programs.


All-Inclusive Syllabus

Our CNA certification training not only covers the exam requirements
but takes you through necessities like being empathetic and much more.


No doubts are left uncleared

We don’t just lecture, we mentor you to become an aspiring CNA.
Certified Nursing Assistant Programs

Why choose the certified nurse assistant program?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, California has the most CNA employment. There are now around 100,000 CNAs working. California is also listed in the top 5% of the country for CNA compensation, which averages $17/hour and may start at $40,000 per year. Well over 50% of CNAs work in Nursing Care Centers, and California has 2,500 certified nurse facilities that provide employment.

Who can join the Nursing Assistant Training Program?

To begin with, you must have a high school diploma or GED and a keen interest in a career in the health care sector. To start training to become a nurse assistant, get in touch with our team for information about training services near you.


Meet Myrna Dial, Nursing Program Director, RN, PhD

She has over 35 years of international experience working as a clinical nurse, director of nursing programs, and director of nursing services in many nations. She has worked as a grant reviewer for the Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) in Washington, D.C., and as a member of the US Hospital Accreditation team for hospitals in Asia. She also performs NCLEX nursing evaluations on a national and international level and presents research at international conferences.

Meet Helena Abafi, Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor

She has over 12 years of experience working as an LVN and CNA instructor. She graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in public health and holds a vocational nursing licence. She has also worked as a charge nurse for over 3 decades and has extensive experience as a midwife. She is committed to each student's success and enjoys witnessing their development from the beginning until their graduation and beyond!

Meet DR. Wanda Miranda, Compliance Officer

She has been an allied Health Educator with over 27 years of experience instructing and managing educational programs in Trade/vocational schools. She is M.D degree holder from American Uni. of the Caribbean and a B.S from the University of Puerto Rico. Her wealth of expertise in the healthcare industry has enabled her to excel in her roles as a manager, lecturer, and motivator as well as to encourage and mentor students to share their cultures and learn methodologies without fear.

Detailed 6 weeks CNA Program syllabus

CNA programs in California are expected to complete 150 hours of training, the most in the US. The program is 6 weeks long and comprises 50 hours of classroom instruction and
100 hours of clinical training under the direct supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN).
After completing the course, you are able to apply for CNA certification, which permits you to register for the official CNA examination.

Administer oral medications

Help patients bathe

Take a patient’s vital signs

Administer oxygen

Provide special care for the elderly

Provide special care for infants

Remove indwelling catheters

Provide emergency care beyond CPR

Work to control infections

Help patients with personal care

Admission Process

The minimum age is 18 years. Younger candidates who have completed high school or passed the CHSPE must acquire their parents' permission.
A High School diploma, high school transcript, high school equivalency certificate, GED, and course evaluation are required for foreign candidates.
The American Heart Association's most recent CPR (Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider).
Obtain a Wonderlic SLE Test passing score of (11).
Instant Scan Fingerprinting required.
If PPD is positive, a chest X-ray is required within a year.
60 days or less before enrollment, a physical examination and TB test are performed.

The scope for a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of California

The top 10% of CNAs earn $50,000 per year, and nursing assistant employment is plentiful. CNAs have a high turnover rate due to the possibility of expanded certified nurse assistant training options and future career advances.

Working as a CNA is not only gratifying, but it also provides employment security and several prospects for advancement. In California, the Employment Development Department maintains a nursing aide register with a list of companies. The database contains information on the Nursing Care Facility's employer, location, and anticipated staff count.

General hospitals employ around 25% of the state's CNAs, with the remaining working in medical offices, nursing homes, mental health clinics, and other settings. CNAs are so important in patient care that the number of CNA positions is expected to climb 11% by 2026.

10/10 users reported better learning outcomes.
100% of students see their course through to completion

CNA within six weeks

“My wife discovered Clement Careers College while I was looking for a CNA college in California. What a treasure! You'll be out within six weeks, at a low cost, with the sole purpose of preparing you for the State Exam. I passed the state test and am grateful to Clement Careers College and the instructors!”

Great College

“Clement careers college helped me accomplish my CNA course and state test. I had a fantastic time and would suggest it to everyone. The training will prepare you effectively for the state test and offer you the abilities you will need on the job. Clement is well-known in the health care sector in the region, and it is a well-regarded curriculum.”

Detailed Curriculum

“Clement was less expensive than other California CNA universities, and the CNA curriculum I completed just took 6 weeks. The teachers are fantastic, and they remain up to speed on any modifications to the certification exam that the state makes. I felt adequately prepared for the state exam and passed on my first attempt.”

Excellent Assistance

“I quickly passed my CNA exam and started working. Thank you for providing such an excellent education. I'm now a CNA. I truly appreciate all of your assistance.”

Awesome Professors

“The professors at Clement Careers College are really knowledgable and work extremely hard to assist us, students, not just in the classroom but also during clinical. Even though the class goes by quickly, the instructor still takes the time to make sure we all comprehend what we are studying to ensure our success.”

What are the certified nurse assistant certification requirements?

You must fulfill state criteria, including passing a state-approved CNA exam, in order to get certified as a nursing assistant.

California State-approved CNA college must offer at least 160 hours of training, the federal government only requires 75 hours, although individual states may impose higher requirements.

A passing grade on the competency exam.

The completed form includes information about one's health and mental state, criminal history, and other personal information.

Seven hours of HIV/AIDS education

Despite the fact that this is only one state's regulation, nursing boards across the country are likely to have similar standards.

Certified Nursing Assistant Programs
Certified Nursing Assistant Programs
Certified Nursing Assistant Programs

6 week CNA program that prepares you to become an efficient CNA

CNA employment is expected to expand 11% by 2026, with California having the greatest employment at 100,000 registered nursing aides. To become a nurse assistant,
you must complete an authorized certified nurse assistant training, which can last as little as six weeks, and pass the state test.


8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
Monday to Friday
Start Date: October 24, 2022.