7 Study Habits of Successful Nursing Students

7 Study Habits of Successful Nursing Students

7 Study Habits of Successful Nursing Students

To be successful in nursing school-whether you’re attending a four year college or looking at an STNA program -you’ll find that you need to fit life in around your studies, rather than trying to fit studies into your life. Nursing school can be demanding, and no matter how successful you’ve been in academics before, you’ll need to invest plenty of time for studying. Successful nursing students are those who are deliberate about their study habits, focused on their path, and make nursing school their top priority.

Take Care of Yourself

You can burn out very quickly if you aren’t taking care of your own well-being. While in nursing school, successful students know that they need to make themselves a priority as well. Get enough sleep, drink water, eat foods that will give you energy without a sugar crash, and make sure you have a strategy to cope with the stress. Taking breaks during study time can actually be productive when they’re used for self-care. Many successful students give themselves scheduled breaks to make sure they don’t burn out during long study sessions.

Know Your Learning Style

Many students don’t know their learning style. Maybe it’s because they’ve never been academically challenged, or maybe they’ve always managed to fit in with the teacher’s style. However, when the coursework becomes challenging, knowing your learning style is key. Audio learners may benefit from recording classes and listening to the lectures during their commute. Visual learners may find that making flash cards, re-reading the text, and watching videos helps them retain information. Kinesthetic learners find that the best way to retain information is by writing it down, and even copying that information several times. Find what works best for you.

Schedule Study Time

Nursing school will require plenty of study time. Many nursing students find that they need to actively and consciously schedule their study time to make sure they’ve given themselves enough time. Time management and prioritizing are key. Whether you use an old-fashioned paper planner or an electronic system, make sure that you get every assignment, test, and project into a planner. Once you know what’s happening and when, you can look at how much time everything will take and plan that time into your day.

Avoid Cramming

Cramming is one of those strategies that many will fall victim to at least once, but do your best to avoid cramming for tests and assignments. When you don’t give yourself enough time with the material, not only will you end up stressed out, but you’ll be less likely to retain any of that material long term.

Build a Support Network

Nurses depend on each other in the field, so it’s no surprise that they’ll use each other for a support network in nursing school as well. When you’re in that kind of environment, you form close bonds with those who are in there with you. This is a great time to form a support system and make friends you’ll keep with you. Successful nursing students form study groups, quiz each other, help each other organize assignments, and are available to each other for help. Trying to get through nursing school successfully on your own can make things much harder.

Prep Before Class

The assignments and tests can be challenging, but the classes can be challenging as well. Some successful nursing students advise that instead of studying your notes after class, you should study the material before class. By going in prepared on what will be covered, you will be able to focus on the key material more easily. Once you go to study afterward, your grasp on the material will be that much stronger.

Remember Why You’re in Nursing School

Successful nursing students don’t allow themselves to lose sight of the big picture. They know that the time and money they are investing now will pay off with a career they’re proud of. Nursing school can be a challenge, but you chose it for a reason. When you begin to get overwhelmed with the amount of study, take time to remember why you’re there.

All the skills you learn while in nursing school, whether they’re clinical skills or organizational skills, will all help make you a successful nurse or nursing assistant someday. Maybe you’re not ready to jump into a four year nursing program, but you’d like to work in healthcare. Nursing assistants have a great job outlook, and a fulfilling career. It’s a great career to consider if you’re looking for a stable career in healthcare that’s in demand. We take pride in the quality education and hands-on training our students receive, and we’d like to talk to you about your future goals. Contact us today to speak with our admissions team and schedule a campus tour!


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