What to Expect in CNA Training Program

What to Expect in CNA Training Program

What to Expect in CNA Training Program

If you are a Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA) and love your job, you may be interested in doing more in the healthcare field. You may choose to become a nurse because of the numerous opportunities the profession has to offer, such as:

  • Being able to help patients in a greater capacity.
  • Room for better opportunities and job advancement.
  • Higher pay rates and better benefits.

If you are currently attending nursing assistant school, you may wonder whether being a CNA could help you get into nursing school in the future. Admissions to nursing school have become very competitive; therefore, it is best to make yourself stand out from the numerous applicants. This article will explore how being a CNA could help you get into nursing school if you choose to pursue that career path in the future.

Does Being a CNA Offer a Good Start for Nursing?

One of the best ways of starting your nursing career is by going to nursing assistant school and becoming a CNA. As a CNA, you’ll perform some of the functions that nurses do and also assist nurses in executing some of their duties. Nurses supervise most CNAs and advise them on the best ways of completing their tasks. As a CNA you can gain more nursing experience from learning in a hands-on manner.

As a CNA you can improve how you perform your duties and responsibilities because an experienced nurse is always observing you. In addition, part of the job description includes caring for injured, ill, or disabled patients; therefore, gaining you valuable experience when you go back to school to become a nurse.

How Does Becoming a CNA Prepare You for Nursing School?

Being a certified nursing assistant helps you prepare for nursing school. The role can help you learn the basics of nursing management while learning from a registered nurse and earning a good wage. The best thing is that you do not have to quit your CNA role while attending nursing school.

If you work as a CNA, you are most likely to get a hands-on learning experience to help you in your role as a registered nurse. Every day and every patient is different; therefore, you will most likely acquire a new skill every day when you work as a certified nursing assistant. If you attend nursing assistant school and become a CNA, you will be able to apply most of the concepts you learned in your role when you finally attend nursing school. Additionally, your CNA role strengthens your experience, network, and knowledge, helping you have more background information during examinations and tests.

Being a CNA before becoming a nurse helps you have more experience than many other applicants applying to nursing school straight out of high school. In addition, these applicants will not have worked in the healthcare field, meaning you will have extensive experience that can set you apart during the application process.

Do You Have to Be a CNA Before Attending Nursing School?

While it’s beneficial to become a CNA before attending nursing school, it is not mandatory. You can still get into nursing school without going to the nursing assistant school and becoming a CNA. However, being a CNA gives you an advantage in nursing school classes and during practical sessions. In addition, it is excellent to start nursing school when you are more knowledgeable about the operations of hospitals and nursing homes.

Transitioning From Being a CNA to a Nurse

Attending nursing assistant school and becoming a CNA can help you fast-track your career of being a nurse. Additionally, many nursing schools have a bridge program that can help you transition from being a CNA to being a registered nurse more easily.

One of the benefits of being a CNA before attending nursing school is that the bridge programs are usually cheaper than following the traditional route of pursuing a nursing degree.

Working as a CNA can help you get into nursing school because working directly with nurses and doctors helps set you up for success in your nursing career, and you’ll make a good wage to help you pay for continuing your education. We’re here to help you on your path to a better career. Contact Clement Career College today to learn more about how Clement Career College can help you reach your goals.


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