The Future is Bright for Certified Nursing Assistants

The Future is Bright for Certified Nursing Assistants

The Future is Bright for Certified Nursing Assistants

When looking for a new career, many want to know that the career they choose will provide job security and the potential for growth and advancement. It is important to choose a career that is in high demand. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a field that is not only in demand at the present time, but will continue to be in high demand for many years to come. Healthcare is a career that will always need qualified and dedicated staff.

Data Shows that the Field is Continuously Growing

When looking at the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is clear to see that Certified Nursing Assistants have excellent job security. Currently there are more than 1.5 million CNA jobs in the United States, and before the end of the decade, this need is projected to increase by more than 9%, faster than the average for many careers. The data clearly shows that the field is expanding rapidly. If you complete nursing assistant school and become a CNA, finding and maintaining a job will not present as much trouble as other fields may have the potential to present.

Why is the Outlook so Bright?

There are several reasons why the outlook is so bright for those beginning their path with nursing assistant school. When you complete your program, you’ll have the right credentials for an exceptionally fast-growing field. First, the population is aging. The baby boomer generation is the largest population, and those adults are becoming seniors, requiring more care as they age. Hospitals, medical offices, and nursing homes will all need more CNAs on hand to manage the increase in work. Because of the Affordable Care Act, more adults are steadily insured, meaning they have access to the healthcare they need, and they will need medical professionals there to provide that healthcare. Chronic illnesses are on the rise, which will require extensive care from CNAs, and many established CNAs are beginning to retire, creating even more job opportunities for the next generation of Certified Nursing Assistants. Finally, many CNAs do move on from the field. Some leave because they find they are not right for the challenge of the healthcare field, but many leave because they have the opportunity for career advancement. High turnover means many positions are available, even for those who are just completing nursing assistant school and looking for their first job.

A Promising New Career

Nursing assistant school can start you on the path to a career in healthcare. Becoming a CNA can be the first step to becoming an RN, or it can be a full career on its own. Job security is exceptional, the field is satisfying, and there will always be potential for growth and furthering your education. Nursing assistant school is the first step to this bright future. While in nursing assistant school, there will be many who can guide you toward a satisfying career with job security.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a relatively quick program. You can go from school to a career much more quickly than in other job training programs. When you are interested in a long term career with plenty of growth potential and the ability to get started quickly, nursing assistant school may be the right choice, and we’re here to help! Contact Clement Career College to learn more about our career training programs.


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