How to Get into Nursing School

How to Get into Nursing School

How to Get into Nursing School

When it comes to choosing a career, a lot of people are realizing that a career in nursing can be very rewarding. There is a huge demand for nurses and that demand is going to continue to grow. One reason for this is the growing number of senior citizens. Not only is the Baby Boomer generation heading into senior citizenship (which also means many Baby Boomer nurses are retiring and more people will need medical treatment), but people are living longer than ever before. This means more medical treatment and attention will be required, which means that not only will there be a greater demand for nurses, but for nursing assistants as well.

A lot of students are applying to CNA (certified nurse assistant) programs because the educational requirements and time investment for a CNA are less than that of a traditional nursing program. Additionally, once you’ve finished your CNA, you’ll have an easier time getting accepted into a nursing program if you decide to become an RN or an LPN in the future. However, just because nursing assistants are in demand doesn’t mean that you’ll get into a CNA program by default just for applying. The following are a few tips that can help you get into a CNA program:

Educational Requirements

Educational prerequisites are going to vary from one program to the next. Some programs may require you to have a certain GPA (grade point average) over the course of high school — although this isn’t true for all schools. However, you are required to have a high school diploma to be accepted to any kind of CNA program. If you didn’t graduate high school, then you can still be accepted into a nursing program as long as you complete your GED.

Your Existing Skills

There are certain personal skills that you will need to have in order to be a successful nurse assistant. It’s a good idea to reflect on whether you think you’ll make a capable nurse before you decide to pursue a career as a nurse or nursing assistant. Some of the skills you will need to have include the ability to stay organized (assistant nurses are often required to perform administrative tasks which require organization skills), the ability to listen and follow directions closely, and the ability to be personable (you’ll be interacting with lots of patients and you’ll need to be both patient and comforting).

You Need to be Healthy

First of all, the position of a nurse assistant can be physically demanding. You may end up on your feet all day long, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of patients. Additionally, if you have certain infectious diseases that cannot be cured, you may not be able to become a nurse due to the risk of exposure to patients. It’s why you will be required to take a physical exam and have a TB test before acceptance into many programs.

Improving Your Application

Because of the amount of students applying to CNA programs, you’ll need to stand out. Prepare yourself for a one-on-one interview by doing research into nursing careers so that you know what will be expected of you as a nurse assistant. Understand why you want to become a nurse assistant as well. As far as improving your actual application, it helps to do community service or volunteer work in healthcare settings (such as at assisted living facilities or retirement homes). This shows that you’re serious about a career that focuses on helping people.

These are just a few tips that can help you get accepted into an assistant nursing program. To find out about our CNA program and what our requirements are, be sure to contact us at Clement Career College today.


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