Is it Possible to Work Full Time and Go to Nursing School?

Is it Possible to Work Full Time and Go to Nursing School?

Is it Possible to Work Full Time and Go to Nursing School?

Many adults are trying to balance a job while furthering their education. Working part-time and going to school full-time sounds like a full schedule. Working full-time and going to school part-time sounds like a lot to balance. Both seem to indicate a busy life, although manageable with some organization.

But is it possible to work full-time and go to nursing school? While this seems like a recipe for burnout, and admittedly won’t be an easy path, it is possible. You can figure out how to succeed in nursing school while keeping your job by being smart and disciplined with your time.

How to Succeed in Nursing School While Holding a Job

To succeed in nursing school while holding a job, you will need to be organized. Break down your assignments into chunks as soon as you get them. This will help fit everything into your busy schedule and still allow you to complete them before the due dates. Look at the exam schedule, what your study requirements will be, and break that down into study sessions. By doing these simple planning tasks as soon as you know what’s required, you won’t find yourself cramming for tests or staying up all night to complete assignments.

Maximizing your time is another way to succeed in school. You can often use your commute, your lunch, and even time spent during household tasks to listen to lectures, review flash cards, and talk through your assignments. Online classes are an excellent way to work nursing school into your schedule, and these classes will allow you to find the best way to balance your time.

Benefits of Keeping Your Job While in Nursing School

Of course, the primary benefit of keeping your job while in nursing school is that you’ll be in better financial shape when you graduate, because your income will mean you’ll take on less student loan debt. There are other benefits to keeping your job as well. One of the skills a good nurse has is the ability to multitask and juggle many requirements at once. A good nurse is efficient and adaptable. If you are working full time while going to nursing school, you are already honing these skills. Communicate with your current job about what you are doing. There may be times when you’ll need to adjust your schedule or take some time off. Maintaining a professional relationship with your manager about how you’re balancing the needs of your job with your own educational goals will help you in your career as a nurse.

How to Succeed in Nursing School, Keep Your Job, and Not Burnout

When you are juggling what can feel like two full time lives, your personal and family life can be the first thing to go. However, by neglecting your own well-being, burnout is not only possible, but probable. Although it feels like you’ve already scheduled every moment you have for just your job and school, leave time in your schedule for yourself. You will need to be deliberate in your schedule about your own well-being. While binging on Netflix may not make the schedule, finding time to exercise, connect with friends, and recharge should be something you make time for.

Having your family on board will be essential. If you need help, ask for it before a problem becomes a crisis. You may need to outsource some tasks during certain periods, and having family support can help you.

Although it won’t be easy, it’s possible. By focusing on the end result, you will be able to work through the busy times and motivate yourself to see it through. We can help too! Contact us to talk to our admissions department to get a solid grasp of what our State Tested Nursing Assistant program expectations are and how you can make it work.


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