Skills to Highlight on Your CNA Resume

Skills to Highlight on Your CNA Resume

Skills to Highlight on Your CNA Resume

When you are looking for your first job after you become a certified nursing assistant, you will not yet have the relevant experience to highlight on your resume, and this can make writing a resume difficult. Yet to get a good job, you need a great resume. When you write your first resume, focus on highlighting the important skills a CNA will need to possess. These skills include both communication and technical skills, and you can highlight all these on your resume, even without prior experience as a CNA.

Top Skills to Highlight

There are several skills that are important to highlight when developing your CNA resume.

  • Attention to Detail and Record Keeping

    A CNA must have great attention to detail when doing their job. They must be able to record information and observe the patient for signs of any changes. A good CNA will be diligent and detailed in keeping records, since they will need to ensure that all staff have the right information about the patient. Showing that you have attention to detail and accurate record keeping skills make you a very desirable candidate.

  • Communication Skills

    A CNA will need to communicate with both patients and medical staff. CNAs will often be asked to explain things both verbally and in writing. A patient may ask their CNA to pass a message to the nurse, and a CNA may need to explain the nurse’s instructions to their patients. When preparing your resume, highlight your strong skills in both verbal and written communication. In addition to effective communication, it is important to display strong interpersonal skills, both in dealing with medical staff and patients.

  • Understanding of Medical Skills and Common Disorders

    You will gain experience on the job, but if you have any relevant experiences to certain skills or in working with disorders, you can highlight that on your resume. Perhaps you cared for a family member with dementia, or helped a parent or sibling recover from an injury or surgery.

Your Resume is the Next Step to Becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant

When you write your resume to become a certified nurse assistant, take the relevant skills and highlight them both within your work experience as well as in a separate section. When listing your skills, focus on the essential skills a quality CNA will need, such as empathetic, hardworking, punctual, detail-oriented, and strong communication. When listing your work experience, highlight any experience in any other field you may have worked where the skills can transfer. If you worked in a food service position, you are likely trained in best hygienic practices. If you worked in retail, you developed interpersonal skills when working with customers. If you worked in an office, you may have needed communication and record keeping skills. Focus on showing how both your training and your experience can help you succeed as a CNA.

A good CNA not only has the skills learned in their training, but will also have the skills to work well with people. When you are looking for your first position as a CNA, focus on highlighting everything that will show employers that you are ready for this job. If you’re interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant, contact Clement Career College to learn more about our accredited program.


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