Talented Healthcare Workers are in Demand

Talented Healthcare Workers are in Demand

Talented Healthcare Workers are in Demand

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing fields and expected to continue that growth over the next decade. It’s projected that by the end of the decade, the need for talented healthcare workers will increase by nearly 10%. Becoming a nursing assistant is an excellent way to break into this fast growing field. A career move into the healthcare field will mean satisfying work, job security, and opportunity for growth.

Why are Healthcare Workers in Demand?

There are several reasons that healthcare workers are more in demand than ever. First, the population is aging. The baby boomer generation is at or approaching retirement age and are requiring more healthcare. As that population continues to age, the need for healthcare workers will continue to grow. Another reason that healthcare workers are in demand is that, due to the Affordable Care Act, more Americans are insured and able to access the healthcare they need. In addition, chronic health conditions are on the rise across generations. With more patients seeking more treatment for more conditions, it is no wonder that healthcare workers are necessary to fill those needs.

Which Healthcare Workers are in Demand?

Although it seems that physicians or specialists would be in the highest demand to meet the needs of an aging population, it is actually nurses and nursing assistants who are necessary to fill the needs of the healthcare industry. The positions are diverse and are all important to the healthcare field. Nursing assistants work in nearly every piece of the healthcare industry. Skilled nursing centers, independent living facilities, hospitals, medical centers, and even insurance companies are places that nursing assistants can both begin and advance their careers.

Entering the Healthcare Industry by Becoming a Nursing Assistant

Becoming a nursing assistant is an excellent way to break into the healthcare field. Once you begin working as a nursing assistant, the potential and opportunity for advancement is great. Becoming a nursing assistant is typically a short program that can be easily accessed. Once someone begins working as a nursing assistant, they can receive both on-the-job training and continue to go to school while working and gaining experience in the field. Becoming a nursing assistant opens many doors to an industry that provides job security and will continue to grow.

What Does Becoming a Nursing Assistant Take?

You can enter a nursing assistant training program with only a high school diploma or GED. The education, training, and certifications necessary to becoming a nursing assistant can be completed fairly quickly, and you can often begin working not long after completing the education and training program. More than learning the skills in procedures, becoming a nursing assistant requires the right kind of personality who works well in a variety of situations, and who is willing and eager to learn.

Becoming a nursing assistant is an excellent way to break into a secure and fast-growing industry. Whether your CNA training and completion is a stepping stone toward another position in healthcare or a career you intend to stay with, it can be a good choice for anyone looking for job security and fulfilling work. Contact Clement Career College for more information about our accredited Nursing Assistant Program.


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